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Our Services

At Repercia Therapeutic Counselling Services, we offer a wide range of therapeutic interventions and group therapy.
If you have questions about our services, please contact us on: 079-6048-3759 / 073-9238-5101

Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy

This is a one to one therapy, that is personalized to suit your individual’s needs. It provides setting therapeutic goals, process the past and learn how to manage it in the here and now.

Psychotherapy is relevant where there is a sense of struggle, there may be a specific concern but often it can be where there is a general sense of not being at ease.

Often this struggle is something which has been experienced for an extended period of time or has arisen at various times throughout life and as such the longer-term nature of psychotherapy becomes appropriate.

Humanistic Therapy
Humanistic Therapy

Humanistic therapy adopts a holistic approach that focuses on free will, human potential, and self-discovery. It aims to help you develop a strong and healthy sense of self, explore your feelings, find meaning, and focus on your strengths.

There are two approaches to humanistic therapy:

Empathy. The therapist seeks to understand you. Empathy allows the therapist to relate to your experiences from their perspective.

Unconditional positive regard. This means that the therapist shows warmth, is receptive, and is non-judgemental. They avoid coming across as an authoritative figure.

If we value independence, if we are disturbed by the growing conformity of knowledge, of values, of attitudes, which our present system induces, then we may wish to set up conditions of learning which make for uniqueness,
for self-direction, and for self-initiated learning.

- Carl Rogers

Integrative Therapy
Integrative Therapy

Integrative Psychotherapy takes into account many views of human functioning. The psycho-dynamic,
client-centred, behaviourist, cognitive, family therapy, Gestalt therapy, body-psychotherapies, object relations theories, psychoanalytic self-psychology, and transactional analysis approaches are all considered within a dynamic systems perspective.

Each provides a partial explanation of behaviour and each is enhanced when selectively integrated with other aspects of the therapist's approach.

couples counselling
Couples counselling

Couples, very often face challenges and stressors of negative interactions, having the same fights over and over. They don’t like it, but would like to alter it, but don’t know how to communicate about it. Over time they become less and less connected to one another, leaving them feeling frustrated and isolated in the relationship.

Through therapy process, the therapist will help both partners to take a step back and objectively looking at the cause of relationship, which is an important step to know what is next for both of them. Long term commitment or going separate ways. Both can look at the ‘Blame game’ who is blaming who for the problems created in the relationship, they can now view the problems in the relationship as something which involves both partners.

At RTCS, we’re here to help you and your partner identify the root cause of the interactional patterns that leave you feeling alone and frustrated. By exploring each partner’s experience in the relationship, we will help you share your inner thoughts with each other in an effective way so you can gain new and powerful insight about each other.

These new insights also help you make sense of what has been contributing to those patterns that pushed you away from each other. Understanding each other - and these patterns - in a new way will draw you closer to one another, facilitate healing and allow for new, fulfilling patterns of interaction to evolve between you.

Telehealth Sessions
Telehealth Sessions

At RTCS, Telehealth therapy process is straightforward and very flexible. works by establishing a medium of communication between client and therapist, who are not in the same physical location.


When you want to have a session with us, we facilitate a channel to have your conversations over the internet. The communication mode can either be video or audio-based and is mutually agreed upon by the client and therapist to have what works best for them.
In the video-based model, a video chat platform is made available where you get to talk to us. Both the therapist and client must have internet-enabled smartphones or computers, equipped with a web camera to aid in the video capture.

Please note there are mental health problems that are not appropriate for telehealth services and we will make referrals as necessary.


Information security is a primary source of concern for many. We see that you have a secure communication channel and whatever is said between you and your therapist stays between the two of you.

Adolescent Therapy
Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent Therapists, provide a one-to-one counselling session for adolescents.

We are registered and approved members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (The BACP) practicing within their ethical framework and work.


Adolescent counselling helps young people explore any concerns that may be causing problems in their social, emotional or cognitive development. The therapeutic process gives them the opportunity to express difficult or confused feelings in a safe environment with clear boundaries.


Therapy for adolescent, can help to support individuals by developing their awareness to deal with social situations, relationships both personally and professionally (including peer pressure and family), education and sexual health issues.


Sessions are suitable for young people ages 16+ years old and will differ depending on the age and developmental level of each person

Trainee Counsellors
Trainee Counsellors

Personal therapy for Trainee Counsellor allows them to become aware of their own problems and area of conflicts, which is still vital to the therapy process and help them work effectively with the clients. Personal therapy helps trainee counsellors work through personal issues they have been facing.

Getting Started at Repercia Therapeutic Counselling Services

Please call to discuss any issue(s) that has been plaguing you for a long period, and RTCS will determine whether our services are suitable for you.
Please give us a call, and together we can create a world of well-being and happiness.

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