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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are Most Common Questions We Get Ask About Therapy & Counseling at Repercia Therapeutic Counselling Services

  • How can counselling help me?
    Counselling allows people to discuss their problems and any other underlying feelings they encounter in a safe and confidential environment. Counselling helps you uncover your own insight and understanding of your problems, providing you with tools which help you to resolve them on your own.
  • Can you tell me more about the free consultation call?
    The call is for you to tell me about your situation and ask me questions about how I work and what methods I would use to help you. It also gives you a sense of my personality and what it’s like talking to me. By the end of 15 minutes, you should have a good idea of whether or not you want to work with me. The call also gives me information on how I can best meet your needs; if I feel that I’m not the right therapist for you, I will give you an appropriate referral to someone else I think could help you.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    I accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, and bank transfer. I have a 48-hour cancellation policy, so you will be billed the full amount if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance. If possible, I will try to reschedule you to a later date/time during the week, so you don’t have to pay the fee, but I cannot guarantee this. Phone conversations or e-mail correspondence under 15 minutes is free; after that, I charge in 15-minute increments.
  • Why do people go to therapy and how do I know if it is right for me?
    Therapy can help provide support and build skills. Some individuals may utilize therapy to learn more about themselves and how they can achieve optimal functioning and wellness. Others may need assistance with goal setting, problem solving and decision making. Many individuals are at a place where they want change and believe the guidance and support therapy offers can help them achieve the change they are seeking
  • How do I schedule my appointments?
    E-mail me at or call me on 079 6048 3759 / 073 9238 5101. I will make every effort to get back to you within 24 hours, and usually before that.
  • How long are sessions?
    Each therapy session, run approximately for fifty minutes or one hour depending on your circumstance. However, this is often flexible and should be discussed with us before attending the first session.
  • Does what we talk about in therapy remain confidential?
    Therapy sessions are strictly confidential in almost every instance, except when imminent danger of death or severe injury are disclosed. Therapists are govern by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) under the umbrella of Professional Standard Authority (PSA) to protect your privacy and confidentiality. In addition, therapists are ethically responsible to keep your information confidential. In extreme circumstances of safety, some information may have to be shared, however, it will always be limited and the goal would be to ensure your safety and or the safety of others.
  • Do I really need therapy? I can usually handle my problems.
    Therapy is an important investment in your overall health and well-being. While you may have been able to successfully manage difficulties throughout your life situations in the past, by seeking the guidance and support of a trained therapist allows for another perspective on how to solve your problems. Seeking therapy shows strength, insight, acceptance and a commitment to change. Participation in therapy can lead to lasting cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes in your life.
  • Does RTCS offer online or video counseling sessions?
    Absolutely. We offer both telephone and video counseling sessions to clients who prefer online to in-person appointments. You can call us to schedule counseling session on 079-6048-3759 / 073-9238-5101.


Getting Started at Repercia Therapeutic Counselling Services

Please call to discuss any issue(s) that has been plaguing you for a long period, and RTCS will determine whether our services are suitable for you.
Please give us a call, and together we can create a world of well-being and happiness.

Call for your free
15 minute consultation on

079-6048-3759 / 073-9238-5101

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